We  all  have  seen  the  affects  of  an
unexpected Natural Disaster. All parts of our
country have been held  in  the  grip of not
having  the use of the Power Sources we
have  become  a custom to. ...And  in some
cases depend on.

Critical Power Solution can help you
to take care of the ones you love with
affordable instant  power.

When  the Power goes out…..
Don’t Be Left in the Dark!
When Mother Nature throws
a curve ball….

How prepared are You?
In 2006 there are more than 17 major storms
predicted for 2006 alone.  Are you prepared?  
Critical  Power  Solution working for
you, you  don’t  need  to  be concerned  with  
the  safety of your home, family  or business.
Let Critical Power Solution insure that
you won’t be LEFT IN THE DARK.
Don’t Be Left In the Dark!
The Solution
Safety is one of our main concerns and our safety record in the field is


Installation of Kohler generators will insure that you have safe, reliable, trusted equipment to support your power needs.  Some Kohler
generators are no larger than your air conditioners compressor and are completely weather resistant.  Sound-proofing takes away the
previous problem of noise pollution.  Kohler generators are so quiet you will be able to stand next to it and hold a conversation while it is

Tailor made to fit your specific needs, our back up systems can handle critical systems only such as heat/air conditioning and phone systems
to ensuring power delivery to every electrical system and convenience in your home or office.

Installed with an automatic transfer switch the generator continually monitors the utility
power source for an interruption.  When power goes out the generator automatically
comes on and restores electricity.  When power resumes your generator will reverse
the process and shut off and begin again to monitor.  Your genset will even do an
automatic once-a-week check to make sure it is ready for the next power outage.

We are fully staffed to service your generator installation on an on-going basis.  
We offer a variety of maintenance agreements which will insure that your generator is always ready when you have a need.

For more information about
our generators contact us:

Toll Free (800)705-3320
Fax (419)668-1104

What is Back up Power – A standby generator can be installed during new home construction or retrofitted
into existing homes.  It is permanently installed outdoors much like an air-conditioning unit.  The generator
models are factory-built for natural gas operation and can be easily reconfigured for liquid propane (LP).

When a power outage lasts for more than a few hours, Residential/commercial power systems provide a sense
of security, warmth and the ability to continue with normal life activities.

Critical Power Solution is a company whose mission has been to provide electrical installation and services to
residential, commercial, industrial, RV and marine customers for over 15 years.  We are committed to excellence
in all phases of a turn-key operation for every customer, large or small, with each type of service we provide.    
Critical Power Systems utilizes educated and experienced staff who have been trained to know what you need
for your unique site, power and installation.

Our experienced staff can work with all power needs in all situations.  Whether your generator will run on diesel,
propane or natural gas we will coordinate your line installation.  We can provide your generator pad, site work,
drainage, conduit, and equipment of varying sizes for differing power needs.  Permitting, when needed, can be
acquired for you.  

Examples of devices and appliances that may be considered essential are:

Sump pump
Security System

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